Donut Wall

Elevate your wedding or event with a touch of sweetness that doubles as a visual masterpiece – introducing our versatile Donut Wall. This three-panel wonder not only adds a whimsical charm to your celebration but can also hold up to 250 delectable donuts. The beauty lies in its adaptability – whether you prefer a single or double panel display, our Donut Wall effortlessly caters to your vision. Each panel features a dedicated shelf for dessert plates, offering the perfect perch for cupcakes or, of course, more donuts! Beyond the realm of donuts, this wall of delight can showcase other desserts like pretzels, providing a tempting array of treats for your guests. Let your dessert station become a focal point of your event, blending elegance with a sprinkle of sweetness, thanks to the versatile and customizable Donut Wall from How Sweet it is Events. It’s not just a treat; it’s a visual and culinary experience that will leave your guests talking long after the last bite.

*Prices include napkins, paper plates, to-go bags, and decor plates/items.

*donuts & desserts not included

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