Ceremony Audio

Say “I do” surrounded by nature, under the open sky, or in any enchanting outdoor setting without compromising on the auditory experience. At How Sweet it is Events, we offer a unique Ceremony Audio service designed to ensure that every word and every note is heard with pristine clarity. Thirty minutes before the ceremony begins, our carefully curated prelude music sets the ambiance, creating a serene atmosphere for your guests. Our use of wireless lav mics ensures that not only your vows but every spoken word is heard by everyone, making your ceremony an immersive experience for all. What sets our Ceremony Audio apart is its adaptability – we can create a magical audio experience even in locations without power, making it the perfect solution for those dreamy outdoor weddings. Let the natural beauty be your backdrop, and let us take care of delivering crystal-clear sound, ensuring that your vows are heard and felt by all those present. It’s your moment, and we ensure it sounds as beautiful as it feels.

Ceremony audio is included in most of our wedding packages but can also be added to any service.

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